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British Manchester Terrier Club
December, 2000

The recipient of the very first Site of the Month Award is the British Manchester Terrier Club, whose web site at
 is a testament to the hard work this club has invested in making its presence on the web felt!  Features include a weekly update on the British MT show scene entitled "Breed Notes" as well as Club News (updated with unfailing precision), Club Events, Breed History, FAQs, and History.  Graphics and layout are very pleasing, with wonderful use of colour throughout -- all courtesy of webmaster Dick Benton.  Word has it that the BMTC site will be undergoing a makeover in January, 2001 so definitely something to watch for there! No matter whether you are a BMTC member or not, there is definitely something here for any MT fancier, so check it out......

January, 2001

The CMTC is thrilled to award the January Site of the Month Award to the Manchesters Forever site located at  This site, designed primarily by Manchester enthusiasts Sandi Potterton and Rachel King, is dedicated to Manchester Terrier Rescue.  The site works to educate potential puppy buyers in hopes of avoiding the creation of a need for rescue, features a breeder referral, testimonials from many people regarding their experiences purchasing a purebred, and provides links to several anti-cruelty and anti-puppy mill sites.  Perhaps most touching however are the stories featuring successful rescue adoptions and profiles of dogs currently available in rescue.

Kudos to the designers of this site for their contribution to the Manchester Terrier breed in North America!

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