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    The CKC standard of perfection fails to address the correct temperament of the Manchester Terrier in any way so, for this section of our analysis, we will draw on the AKC standard which notes:

"The Manchester Terrier is neither aggressive nor shy. He is keenly observant, devoted, but discerning. Not being a sparring breed, the Manchester is generally friendly with other dogs. Excessive shyness or aggressiveness should be considered a serious fault."

The key word above is discerning.  The Manchester is by no means an overtly friendly breed, though their loyalty as a pet is unquestionable.  Despite the claims of some that the Toy Manchester is slightly more outgoing than their larger cousins, this is not always necessarily true.  While friendliness should not be frowned upon, neither is it required.  Excessive shyness or aggressiveness should never be tolerated -- discerning should not become an excuse for poor socialization or temperament.  Though as with any breed some allowances should be made for very young dogs, a Manchester should possess enough confidence to be freely examined conformationally.

Points to Remember:


The Manchester Terrier should NOT be sparred.


A discerning temperament should not be penalized.


Excessive shyness or aggression should be considered a serious fault.