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Manchester Fan-Net

While cruising the internet recently we came across a wonderful Japanese site dedicated to the Toy Manchester/English Toy Terrier. After emailing back anbd forth with the owner of the site for a while it was discovered that there are a great many more toy Manchesters in Japan than we first thought! Many of these dogs are heavily influenced by Saint Lazarís Jake who was exported several years ago by Wanda and Charles Walker. The resemblance to North American TMTs is much more marked in these ETTs than is true of European stock. Photos below were graciously supplied by who is a leading member of the Japanese ETT Association, Manchester Fan-Net. For more information and photos visit the Fan-Netís web site at or Ďs extensive web site at

Many thanks to Yuko Sagayama and Satoko for the wonderful photos and banner they sent ó it is wonderful to see TMTs around the world!

Hereís the whole Fan-Net gang at one of their annual meetings!