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Breed Links

American Manchester Terrier Club
British Manchester Terrier Club
Australian Manchester Terrier Club
Finnish Manchester Terrier Club

Canadian Kennel Club

American Kennel Club

CMTC Egroup (Member's Forum)



  Healthgene - Canadian vWD testing

  Manchester Review On Line Breed Magazine

  Educational Visualization of the Manchester Terrier (AKC)

  Manchesters Forever MT Adoption/Rescue Site


Toy Manchester Terriers:

Fwaggle Kennels

Shadoe's Homepage

Burmack Kennels

Nanrox TMTs

Tudorian Toy Manchester Terriers

Deebet Kennels

Sandustin Toy Manchesters


Standard Manchester Terriers:

Mersey Manchesters

Kreuzritter Kennels

Christine's Dog House

Jumpstart (CKC Reg.)

MoonShadow Manchesters

Trilogy Manchesters

Wilane Kennels


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