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Join On-Line!

So you want to join the CMTC, eh? Well we've been working hard to make it easier than ever to do so! Now all you have to do is print off a simple form and return it via snail mail along with correct payment of membership fees!

Please note the following before printing your membership application:

1) This is not an interactive web form. It must be printed and filled in then returned by regular postal service to the following address:

130 Crossman Rd
Sackville, NB
E4L 3V7

2) All requirements noted on the application must be satisfied before your application can be processed. Inclusion of all necessary supporting documents (i.e., accompanying letter) and moneys specified on the application form is mandatory. Applications for household memberships must include a completed application form for each applying member, however one accompanying letter is acceptable.

3) The fee schedule contained in the Member Options section of the form are set by the CMTC Board and are therefore subject to change in future. All prices are quoted in Canadian funds.

That's it!!  to open the Application Form window.

Hint: Once open, from your browser's "File" menu select print. The "print all" choice should be selected.

Want to know more about how your CMTC application will be processed?

The CMTC Board has recently decided to adopt in practise the provisions of a draft constitution presented to the Board in June, 1999. This draft constitution was presented to the membership for for comment earlier this year.  Though it has not received Board/CKC approval, we are obliged to follow the provisions set forth by this document regarding membership procedures. They include the following:

1) Any person desiring membership in the Club shall submit their application, on a form approved by the Board, together with one year's fees to the Club Secretary. All provisions of the application must be satisfied including the submission of an introductory letter as described on the application.

2) Upon receipt of the completed application, the Secretary shall record the application and send a copy to each member of the Board for approval. The Board shall approve all applications and return them to the Secretary within 21 days. If a member of the Board does not approve an application, the reasons for withholding approval shall be attached to the application and returned to the Secretary. An affirmative vote of 2/3 of the Board is required for approval. Any unapproved application shall be discussed at a meeting of the Board. All rejected applicants shall receive a written explanation.

3) Any application duly approved by the Board shall then be published in the Club's next newsletter for general comment. Any complaint received by the Secretary from the general membership shall be duly recorded and a copy shall be forwarded to the Board for final approval. If no complaint/comment is received within 30 days of publication the application will be granted final approval.

4) The applicant shall then be informed in writing of his or her acceptance.

*** Note: The conditions and requirements of member eligibility are subject to change by the Club's Board of Directors at any time over the next few months.

If you need any more information please email the CMTC secretary.
Insert "CMTC Application" in the subject line.

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