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The following is a list of contact persons for CMTC Committees.  ALL CMTC Members are eligible to work on any Club committee they are interested in.

  Editor: Tina Sanford
Web Page:    
  Chair: Amanda Kelly
CKC Breedlines Columnist:  
  Chair: Sue Coghlan
  Chair: Dean Tomes
  East: Julie McClure
  West: Judi Dowson &
Don Ferguson
Club Accreditation:   
  Chair: Vaughn Franske
Educational Programs:   
  Co Chair Wendy Kelly
  Co Chair Joy Henderson
Welcome Package:   
  Chair: Jennifer Tomes
  Chair: Judi Dowson
  Chair: Don Ferguson
Breed Pamphlet:   
  Chair: Nancy Elliott
Chair: Tina Sandford
Chair: Julie McClure
Chair: Deanna Bettle


Though all committees are accepting members, the following committees are in particular need of Chair Persons and/or Members. Please contact Tina Sanford (CMTC Vice-President) to volunteer or to get more information about these or any of the committees.

bullet Hall of Fame /Awards
bullet Fundraising

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