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Canadian Register of Merit

To be eligible for CROM designation a minimum of four individual progeny must attain their Championship or Obedience title. No more than one point will be awarded per individual offspring.

CROM recipients must be individually registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. In order to be eligible for CROM status the dog in question must be owned either in part or in full by a member of the Canadian Manchester Terrier Club.

Progeny earning titles domestically and internationally (to a limit of one point per individual) will be given equal consideration providing that appropriate documentation is supplied. Titles must be earned from a recognized registering body.

Upon confirmation from the CMTC Hall of Fame Committee, recipients are entitled to the use of the suffix CROM.

Canadian Manchester Terrier Club

Name of Listed Owner(s): ___________________________________________________

Full Registered Names of Progeny:

1. ___________________________________________________________________

2. ___________________________________________________________________

3. ___________________________________________________________________

4. ___________________________________________________________________

Member must provide proof of Championship for all listed progeny. The following documents are required with submission of this application:

bulletCopy of the Canadian Kennel Club Registration Certificate for listed ROM applicant;
bulletChampionship certificate as issued by parent Kennel Club for each listed progeny; OR
bulletIn lieu of championship certificate, a photocopy of the official section/listing issued by the parent kennel club in question confirming the title earned (i.e., new title holders, etc.).